Beep App – Censor swearing in videos for YouTube, Instagram etc.

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What is a Beep?

When you post to Social media it’s important that you post appropriate content. Sometimes social media require the content to be appropriate for all ages or 13+. So you should make sure that your content no bad language.

Now with this iOS app you can sensor all the swearing in a video very easily.

When to use?

  • For Instagram stories – censor if the video content any swearing
  • In snapchat
  • For Instagram and Vine video uploads
  • For YouTube, If you upload directly from iPhone or use the iPhone to record. Beep will help you

Why you should use Beep?

  • Casey Neistat style censoring using emojis – We loved it when Casey Neistat swears in videos and put a picture over his mouth along the beep sound. So we made this app with ability to put Emojis over your mouth
  • Make unnecessary censorship video – Make perfectly good speeches of your friends or popular figures to something inappropriate and funny by censoring some word. Twist the meaning and have a laugh. Share on social media!


  • + Just tap and hold to censor an area on a video.
  •  Adjust the censored area as you wish.
  • Add any emoji to censor
  •  Export the video in Highest quality.
  • High quality beep sound
  •  The easiest interface ever! easily do the censoring.

Price: Free



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Example video, Censored with Beep

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