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PostBot will analyse your Instagram profile and calculate and predict the precise time you should post. It will give specific time to post for each day specifically for your audience.  Boost your sales and increase awareness of your brand. This is the most effective way to get genuine and active free instagram followers by posting on right time.

PostBot helps you reach to more of your audience and make them more likely to engage regularly with your content.


Simply Awesome ★★★★★
Awesome App!!.. Need to get it if you want to know when is the best time to post! – by JEM_00
Simple and easy. ★★★★★ by @SoundDrGenie

Self explanatory. Big clock with 3 different gradients of color. Red, blue and light blue. Only one pointer to present time. Skip forward and you don’t see the pointer for the hour because is a different day. I schedule post with Buffer as well but I want it something more visually stimulating



  • Reminder notifications
  • Upto 8 posts per day
  •  For unlimited amount of instagram accounts
  •  Separate analyzing for each day of week.
  •  Analyses your account and gives personalized best post times.
  • Better engagement from your audience is Guaranteed
  • See and understand your posting habits
  • See best hours for all the days of the week
  •  No ads
  •  Developer support

Other facilities

  • Surprise hidden in the app, Find It!


Requires iOS 9 or later.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Price: 27.99

Learn more and download:



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286 Responses to “PostBot for Instagram – Know when to post, get reminders”

  • fawaz

    I bought
    What I do now?

  • Yacob

    I bought 4.4 version
    Can you send me the updated download link to my email

  • 747b

    Do you have any Instagram software for Mac? If not can you recommend me one thanks,

    • 747b

      Is there any Instagram software for Mac? If not can you recommend me one thanks,

      • Software is only for windows.
        However there are some users using the software on Mac by installing it on a Windows virtual Machine. You can easily setup a windows virtual machine on Mac. You will find a lot of tutrials out there. Once you setup it, you can install almost any windows applications.

  • g2-727c4c9f1752f0dd2a3714b9346f6260

    i bought best instagram bot app. i paid for best instagram bot. But i dont have a software.. Please help. How install ?

    • Hello sir/ madam ,

      We have sent you the software download link. Please check your emails.

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

      Best regards.

  • g2-727c4c9f1752f0dd2a3714b9346f6260

    i m pay. but i dont know. How install bot. Now? Please help.

  • Sakwut Sansaneeyashewin

    Hi, I just paid for it by paypal. Where to download? Contact me asap

  • Blueshouse

    Bot is doing great. I have few suggestions about the software. I will contact you.

  • Rony

    Works for me. Thanks.

  • James

    Hi just bought software how come i have not received the links?

  • kwong tang

    Hi there, i bought the bot from freelancer, i am not receiving any update from there.

  • lamarboutthatwork

    Hey How Long Does It Take For me to be able to Download Software

  • Nigel

    Hi, I just send you payment through paypal when will I be able to download this great software?

  • Ron

    I would like to purchase this bot please I had an outdated version my email is enclosed please send me the details and price

  • matt deringer

    trying to purchase through skrill and error keeps coming up. you guys still up and running

  • Andrew

    Hello. I would like to buy the program. Can I pay through Webmoney? And what is the cost of the program? Answer me please mail to ********&

  • Hi I just purchased the best instabot 4.4 three days ago the first day it was running perfectly fine but as soon as I closed the program it doesn’t let me to reopen it . What’s the solution?

    • Once it is installed on your computer. Don’t try to run it from the setup. It won’t work. Just go to all programs , tds software , best insta bot. Open it from there.

  • Joe

    i have purchased this bot from you, currently running 4.3, i see you have 4.4 available, who do i need to email to get the update?

    • Update sent. please check your inbox

    • Joe

      got it, thank you!

    • i want to get a refund for the instagram bot. its not what i needed. i thought it could do what i need. it just does not work on my computer. and i ask for your humble forgiveness.

      On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Best Social Bots wrote:

      > ** > Joe commented: “i have purchased this bot from you, currently running > 4.3, i see you have 4.4 available, who do i need to email to get the > update?”

  • Tom

    I have purchased this bot from you a couple of months ago and it will not work now so i was wondering where is my new copy in my email? you can look my name up its (myemail) to prove i have purchased this bot in the past. thank you , it was that email or i used my old one.. (gunit1o1)

  • Yo man you need to email me quickly ! i need to
    def talk about this bot you sold me here

  • Serge

    Do you have trial version of “Best Instagram Bot”?

    • Hello, since we get a lot of trial requests which is hard to handle, currently we do not provide a trial version. Please see our reviews under best insta bot details. Software works great and we bring updates often to keep it always working even the instagram update their site.


  • Kash




  • Loretta Aja

    My 4.2 bot has been terminated and is no longer working. I purchased the bot in July. Is there a patch to fix it? After it stopped working I was looking at the newer bot for likes, photos likes etc and it seems like it does a lot more, do you suggest purchasing that one?
    Thank You!

  • M. Alajeel

    I have purchased BestInstagramBot 4.1, last July and I’ve sent you my purchase details for the update last month, but no answer! and now my Bot is no longer working at all. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    • Hello M.Alajeel,
      We have terminated all the old versions to prevent unauthorized distributions. We make sure that no one is using the bot free or illegally.
      we will send you the new version to your email.


      • stanley

        yea i would like the trail aswell plz

        • Hello sir / madam, We do not offer trial version because we get a lot of trial requests which is hard to handle. Please see reviews of the previous buyers. Bot is working and we bring updates often to keep it always working.

          Best regards.

  • KNC1

    I actually would rather have a trial of this bot instead… Please and thanks

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