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On March 3, 2013 by admin

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Now you can repost Instagram Post into your stories.

Don’t want to mess up your perfect Instagram page by re-posting random content? Well now you can repost them all to IG Stories.


  • Provide valuable content to your audience by reposting
  • Be more visible on Instagram by being active.
  • Gain more followers by staying on Stories feed
  • When you post constantly to your stories you will be discovered by many new users on discover page on IG.
  • No need to repost random content to your Instagram page.
  • Keep your Instagram page clean.


  • This could be a great way to feature your customers and give shout outs. Showcase your customer’s photos on Stories daily and inspire others. If they share a picture of your product you can simply repost it to your stories.


  • Just Copy Share URL and open the app to Repost
  • Auto detect copied Instagram post share URLs
  • Three Layout styles
    • Repost pictures with caption
    • Centered
    • Color Fill – Automatically detects matching background color and fill the empty space

Other facilities

  • Developer support
  • Frequent Updates

Price: FREE


8 Responses to “Repost To Stories for Instagram”

  • Hi,

    Please, does this bot making REPOST PICTURES in specific hashtag with the main user who posted it first ?

  • dar

    Can you send me the download link, I format my pc

  • Hamad

    Do u mean that when I purchased the program u will send me the link ..

    Can I in download the profile pics

    • Hello Sir/Madam,

      Currently It does not download profile pic. It will download all the photos user has posted.

      We can make it download profile pictures to, Please let us know your requirement in detail. Do you want to download prof pic in hashtag search result?

  • hmd

    Where can i download this program
    I mean where is the link for this pro

    • Hello Sir/Madam,

      It is available for purchase, To purchase click on Buy Now Button.
      If you already purchased and didn’t receive the link. Please let us know your email used to buy.

  • cooldool

    Would be nice if you customize upload photos to your instagram account with customize tags automatically

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