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To follow people first check Follow check box and then click Start

Bot will Follow recently engaged people in all categories


To like pins automatically first check Like check box and then click Start

Bot will like recently posted pins in all categories


                You can unfollow all the people you followed anytime.

                To Start go to Unfollow tab and click on Unfollow button

You can set Stop Unfollowing at value so the bot will keep  the amount of followings you specify.


You can use this to repin pins on topics you like, so your account will be filled with pins related to your interest.  People will see your boards with hundreds of pins and may follow you. Also you can add your own description with your website link.

1.       Go to Repin  tab.

2.       Add keywords to the list you want to repin about.

3.       Add your own description you want to put in all the pins you make. You can add spun words if you like. See “what is spun format ?”  below

4.       Then check repin

5.       And click start button.


1.       Go to Comment tab

2.       Add Comments to the comments list. You can add spun words too.

3.       Add keywords to the keywords list. Bot will search for each keyword and comment on pins in the results.


There is a delay feature to prevent you from going over the limits of pinterest. You can adjust it on Delay tab.

What is spun format?

Spun format is used to prevent your auto postings from being detected by filters. You can make each post look different with spinning the words in the post without losing its meaning.

Example Spun formatted text: {buy|get} this {visit|go to}

How it works: Bot will randomly choose from words inside { } and make the sentence

So the sentence may look different every time it posts, Like below :

  • buy this go to
  • buy this visit
  • get this go to


Having a good set of boards with a lot of pins for specific subjects really helps getting followers. You can use auto repin feature to build boards. That’s how we got featured on pinterest, we didn’t even try hard, we just ran the bot few times and built some boards while testing the bot.




Thanks for using Best Pinterst  Bot. Enjoy this helpful software and make the most of it.



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