Why the facebook operators are valuable


Facebook is considered as one of the most populated sites containing heavy traffic as well as people associated with it is mass when considered across the globe. It fulfills the need s of the users so as to connect them with their nearest and dearest ones across several continents, countries as well as states. It is the highest number of contributions made in the social media networking trade when considered in terms of trade or commerce of credits. They are highly valuable for the marketers who are investing in it.

Quick look on facts
Around 1.19 billion of monthly users who are active are across the globe initially contributing their valuable time spending with facebook. In the third quarter of 2013 era there was seen an increase the percentage of addition of groups i.e. 18.1 percent in the year of 03 2012 to an increase of about 48.7 percent in the month of March in year 2013.
Around 20 billion of minutes were contributed while using this particular site daily on estimation. This report came out in the month of June in the year of 2013. The most important aspect is that which is quite shocking because each user contributes for about 8.3 hours monthly for using this site during that month.
About 66 percent of social media use of sharing option is done only in America with the support of mobile phones. These mobile phones constituting the Facebook iPhone App has especially contributed a lot.
Approximately 67 percent of the American users use internet across the entire age groups that utilize facebook. In the sections of UK, it is considered that the whole usage was about 82 percent. The largest territory of US Age that falls on this category was the age bar between the ages of 18 to that of 29 years. This age bar contributed nearly 83 percent in those of 82 percent circuit.

Percentage of the users of internet in the basis of salaries
Though 73 percent of the users of American states are paid about 75K dollars for using the facebook but only 17 percent of them contribute towards twitter site as well as only 13 percent it goes to that of Pinterest.
Google+ allows the users to have more than 150 billion of friend circles across the globe. This is considered amongst the biggest territory in the social media sites. This estimation was done in the year of 2013 of February month.
Around 75 percent of the internet users residing in America are the college students who are currently pursuing graduation or graduated and still studying. They use facebook a lot compared to others for connecting and associating with their friend circles.

Around 76 percent of the users log in to their respective accounts daily for minimum once so as check their status and communicate with their friends.

4.75 billion Of items are considered to be shared every single day in facebook by different users as per 2013 September.

40 pages are being liked by one user in a day on an average.

250 million of people play games in Facebook in each and every month.

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