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Social media has become one of the most powerful means for communication between individuals nowadays. It holds a great potential of social media marketing because it has become a hub for getting information related to personal or professional life of peoples. Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, etc. are the carriers of social media, which have made the social media effective and successful in the best way possible. There are various Do’s and Don’ts which one should consider to expertise in social media marketing.


  • The first point is to focus on people more than any other things. You should not only try to understand their requirements, but also try to put your best effort in fulfilling them.
  • Your practices should be adapted according to the need of the people. Practices should be flexible in different ways.
  • Experiments needs to be done in order to be more effective because without experimentation, things start to get boring and less effective.
  • One should always try to use the real names of people and stop fooling others with a different name.
  • Try to answer queries and doubts raised by the people in any of the social platforms in order to be notified by others.
  • Try to build your own audience with the help of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites in order to have a face-to-face interaction.
  • You should engage yourself with the audience and always try to present yourself as an active and effective individual among others.
  • Participation in various conversations raised in the social media is a good way to make others aware of your presence.
  • Focus on the audience’s passions if you really want to make a difference in their life.
  • Try to publish the contents which will encourage the people in different ways.
  • Sharing mobile friendly contents can be another consideration to keep in your mind before posting content on social media.
  • Try to make a bridge between your social strategy and organizational objective in order to succeed.
  • Try to get the audience attention and impress them whenever you get a chance.
  • Reputation is important in social media so always try to remain clean and honest.
  • Be loyal to your follower or audiences if you want to create a good rapport with your audience.
  • Take help from different platforms which you feel can make you more popular.


  • Don’t put your most of concentration on money because money is not a problem at all it can be earned once you become successful.
  • Never try to be artificial by referring to books and magazine. Just be yourself and put your best efforts on whatever you believe on then only you will succeed.
  • Don’t feel shy in experimenting something new or something unique. Always be bold and welcome new idea and approaches.
  • Never loose interest from your audiences and try to show them your concern whenever they need it.
  • Feedbacks from the audience and the masses are important so never ignore them. Take the inquiries and feedbacks seriously and act upon them.
  • Don’t depend on paid advertising and try to put your own efforts in building up your audience.
  • Opportunities should be handled properly by the individual because they provide you a chance to grow so never try to turn them down.
  • Don’t be afraid to interact with the people who you feel have different opinions.
  • Don’t talk solely about your products. Try to make a balance between everything.
  • Don’t advertise or publish the contents which are self-serving.
  • Never encourage the use pixelated image at any point of time.
  • Don’t participate in social media being an aimless person.
  • Never jump to conclusions on the basis of snapshot data. Try to research more before coming to the final conclusion.
  • Never think about rankings and rating because they can discourage you. Concentrate on your work and have faith in yourself.
  • Don’t get carried away by the popularity always be rooted to the soil, then only you can be successful.
  • Don’t try to be overactive on various social media do the work which you feel you can do otherwise don’t do it.

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