Social media is a place where you need followers in order to call yourself as an effective member. Following each other are the inevitable part of any social media. If you want to be successful on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or instagram you should have active follower. How can one increase the number of followers on the social media? Many of us use various tricks to increase our followers on social media but don’t succeed. The trick to increase the followers are simple and is also applicable to other social media so let us discuss them one by one.
• The first thing we do in the process of creating our account is choosing an appropriate username for the account. Username should be unique, but simple. Don’t consider a username which is lengthy.
• Fill-in your profile information is also of equal importance. Try to be honest, while you fill them. Information should be provided by you if you really want your followers to know you better.
• Try to post only the pictures which you feel are good. You can also edit your photos as there are various options available on instagram for editing a photo. Checkout various options and go with the best one.
• It is better if you post one photo at a time because most of the time people don’t get a chance to see all of your photos and if you upload only one then they will have sufficient time for it.
• Use hashtags because they are the latest trend followed by people on the social media. You should always move with the time and be aware of the activities going around you.
• Always like others post or comment on their post and show them that you are interested in their posts and photos. Never try to remain isolated from others because that can’t increase your follower in any sense.
• You can increase your followers by taking help from other social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Choose your best friends from them and add them. You can also take help from your contact list in searching the people.
• It is better to provide descriptions for your photos by Geo tagging yourself. It will make you more active. Providing information about your photos can be a good way to tell them that you like being social. If you are going to some beautiful place or famous place than us the Geo tagging option.
• Tag peoples whenever necessary. If you meet some celebrity or famous personality, then Tagging them will increase your followers. So, try to use the tag option carefully and try to use it for your own benefit. You can also tag your friends which will probably make you known to more people with the help of your friend.
• Try to post regularly to make everyone believe that you are active on instagram but that doesn’t allow you to post anything. Post only good photos which can attract people to follow you.
• Follow others if you want them to follow you back. Following other will surely convince them to follow you back because it has become a trend on instagram.

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