Rules for social media sites


There are some rules and regulations imposed for the social media sites in order to regulate themselves from misuse. Some of the rules are listed below:
1. If you respond to all the complaints of the public, then they will only complain you more and more.
2. Stop and inquire that whether it is the proper way to ask by the actual human beings.
3. Everyone convey that they don’t to indulge themselves in marketing sector. This attitude is conveyed to show you down or forcibly degrading you because they are becoming jealous of your work.
4. The customer visits for his own purpose not for your purpose.
5. As compensation rating rises the visit of consumer gradually goes down.
6. Don’t act that you are clever instead be clever enough to identify fraud.
7. Social is always a 24/7 factor not just a joke or one-time publicity.
8. Always reply back.
9. Having an ROI keeps you away from any fraud.
10. People would make you bore rather than making it interesting.
11. Resolve the issues even those people who are not addressing you.
12. Everything is not perfect or would work as per your expectation but that’s quite fine.
13. Accept the negative remark of your content with positivity.
14. Every people out here are influencer.
15. If the fans circulate your content without seeking your permission, they assist them in helping.
16. It’s fine to ride people visiting your site rather than social media sites like Face-book.
17. Up to date your page daily or remove it.
18. Don’t permit people to perform actions in your site but stick to what you have promised for.
19. Pump out the previous year’s content while optimize the ongoing year’s recent content.
20. Try to maintain cordial friendship with your nearest and dearest ones through Facebook Reps.
21. Social media do not have the authority to exist in space. But combine both traditional as well as latest efforts to function together.
22. Desktop is the inhibited place while mobile for battlefield.
23. If you don’t view any growth in your monetary data then it is sure that you have lost your investment.
24. Try to provide as much privacy as people want.
25. In order to make people aware about advertisement related to compensation, provide the Paid Advertisement symbol.
26. Having a second thought for crisis is advisable.
27. Never utilize ad to boost the boring blog. Utilize the ads to encourage the successful content.
28. Leave the individuals. You have created the content for the attraction of mass or group.
29. People never purchase any sort of things from where they get social friends.
30. Quiz as well as sweepstakes is quite okay in encouraging the short relationships.
31. People much care for the items available during the session of breakfast if you are sponsoring a food brand.
32. Pinterest really functions best.
33. Your fans possess your brands
34. Think of the negative people just like they are your followers.
35. If you are not feeling entertained by the social media then it’s just because you were having the feeling to earn more than what it was.
36. As a whole you trade functions like an organism not like a set of procedures.


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