The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

It will be not an exaggeration to say that we are living in social media age today. The world seems to have shrunk into one big place and the social media seems to drive our lives. This social media age is obviously following the technology age, which we have seen earlier. With simple connectivity, breaking of geographical distances, ease of use and obviously great platform to make online presence, social media is here to stay. This medium not only offers exciting ways to share stuff individually but is an excellent way to promote business too. Having said this there are certain do’s and don’ts with respect to use of social media for business and let us see what they are.
We will first look into the do’s of social media for business. First of all it is extremely important to have a clear idea as to how to go about with the use of social media for the business. This is essential because the first step goes a long way in reaping the advantages of social media for the business. Thus having a great plan is the first step in this process. Then come the turn of the goals. Here too it is better to keep realistic and measurable goals. Agreed it is always said that dream big. However, big dreams are achieved through small and step-by-step beginnings. Thus, the goals should be achievable. Therefore, once the plan and the goals are taken care of the next thing is to maintain consistency. Once the business is set, then the brand becomes part of your life and constant dedication is required here. Sticking to the brand and maintaining target of the messages is something, which can be done. In addition, it would be desirable to stick to the business messages only as this would prevent diversion and maintain complete focus. This is because the social media throws open the doors to the whole world and when it comes to business it is important to understand the importance of use of social media for professional purposes. The magic word in this case is the network and building a strong network is something, which is must for the business. The network can be built through regular communication, keeping oneself engaged with the network and most importantly by being a good listener. The networks have a lot to offer and if you are a good listener then this will certainly benefit your business. Apart from this, the content is king and good content offers great content for sharing. Having listed these do’s what is integral is being a good social citizen.
Now let us see the don’ts. One important thing to remember here is that you should not rush into building your network. Care should be taken that there should be no dilution from your network as this could lead to dangerous effects like banning from the site. In addition, you should not rely on one application as each and every application has its own strength and weakens. You should also not be pushy, as this will result into not so well responses by the people. Do not spam social sites, do not use generic marketing techniques, and try to make it personal, as it will simply show your involvement. In addition, it is always beneficial to be courteous and hence you should not forget to thank people when they promote you. Lastly but importantly, let your network do wonders for you and do not try to sell people.


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